Today's course is about "Klinghardt Applied Psycho-Neurobiology (APN)", which started with "Family Constellation".
Christian, a massage therapist from Utah, offered me a CranioSomatic Therapy session, which he learned from Dr. Dallas Hancock and loved! (This course has been introduced in Taiwan, yeh!)
I feel more centered and balanced after the treatment.
Then the dentist from Canada, Nick, said that he wanted to practice, and asked Debbie to supervise!
(Debbie helped me with the testing, and she walked me through the treatment. Big Thanks!)
The first time that my "neurogenic switching" tested "unilateral switched!"
However, the initial reaction was strange, because the muscle testing wasvery coherent.
It turned out that my doing CranioSomatic Therapy may have made me in "Yin State." "Three Yins"!
To continue practicing, Nick asked me to do some MFT tappings to temporarily remove the effects of the previous treatment. Then the "Pol Filter" testing became normal.
Then I did "neurogenic switching" testing, and I appeared "single switched"!
This implies a scar or tooth problem. (I tested normal a few days ago. I didn't know why this time I'm switched. I later asked Debbie, she said maybe the problem surfaced layer by layer. The shallower problems have been solved a few days ago or just by doing CranioSomatic. So maybe Christian treating me ahead was a beautiful serendipity!)
So the scars on my right hand blocked the regulation, and green laser light and procaine unblocked me.
Klinghardt Academy has a signal enhancer that can combine laser light and procaine to shine on the scars on my hand!
So they did.
I didn't expect what's come up. I felt a little numbing and electric sensation coming from my hand to my brain, and then passed down to the soles of my feet.
Then I started to tremble!
I shouted: "I feel Qi coming out of my feet!"
Debbie sensed the emotion "shock" in me.
I got a little bit emotional, but I held back. Debbie was already shedding tears! She said that she could feel my emotions, but the real emotional release has to come from my own.
Debbie asked me to relax and tested that "yellow" was the color for me, so she put me on my yellow glasses. (color therapy)
(Christian doing CranioSomatic Therapy on me)
They continued to use "green laser +procaine" with the signal enhancer on my scars.
It became so cold! I was shaking all over and couldn’t stop.
Suddenly, I screamed: "I feel so cold."
They covered me with a coat.
I suddenly thought of something and started crying: "It's the operation room! It's so cold. I was shivering all the time!"
I said, "I wish my parents were there for me, but they couldn't come in. I knew they were outside."
Then I began to cry.
Is the scar that reminds me of the operating room? Or is it that my frightened emotions were stored in scars.
The scar was injected many times before, but there was no such strong reaction. Is it that time hasn't come; or is it really powerful to use the combination of "green laser +procaine" with a signal enhancer?
I was shaking, for maybe more than half an hour! Just like how I was in the operating room.
Debbie was around me all the time, her mood was ups and downs, and she kept comforting me with a lot of healing statements, including asking me to look at myself at the time telling myself that "we've come through it together!" And to honor myself, and to thank my parents, my friends, the doctors and nurses who're there.
There are also many statements that are full of love, gratitude, peace, and joy. I felt soothed.
After the end, I took my yellow sunglasses and went out barefoot to the yard to ground.
It’s really different to step on the concrete floor and to step on the dirt!
I feel full of energy, love, joy!