Why do I still hurt? Why is my pain never completely gone? (Por qué me duele?)
I have always had a feeling that in some patients even though they claim they want to heal completely at the consciousness level, but they never do because there is some subconscious part of them that doesn't really mean it, so they self-protect or self-sabotage in the end or at the point they almost heal. But why?
(I've always thought there'sonly an Eros part of us, but also a Thanatos part. It's a tug of war.)
At first I thought that it might be the subconsciousness that is to blame.
This is why I learned PSYCH-K, in order to balance the patients' beliefs, and then along with the red flower cards, emotional codes, etc., I got pretty good results.
But the success rate hasalways been 100% guaranteed! What else is missing?
Today, thanks to Dr. Kao's invitation, I had an opportunity to participate in the seminar of Dr. Kenneth West, and I got great answers. Dr. Kenneth West provided a 100% cure-rate method: find Zero Point, then Reset.
(The 6th mind: life integrated mind 100%) 
(simplified diagram based on my notes,from Dr. West's slide)
We always treat the neocortex, mainly responsible for logic, but it only accounts for 4% of our minds. Whydeal with 95% of the minds, the midbrain?
Many chronic pains are related to it. This also explains why the guidelines for treating lower back pain are now putting "cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)" into one of the first-line treatments.
It is also important to have the brainstem, composing 0.99% the minds, treated. Dr. Kenneth West emphasizes that to achieve the best results, it is imperative to treat the 12 pairs of cranial nerves at the same time. His principles of Zero Point are also applying this.
Accounting for 0.0099% of the minds, fascia stores the memory of the wound and even the memory of past lives. Therefore, many physiotherapists are now focusing fascia release, which is actually a very deep treatment.
The final one, Zero Point, though only 0.0001%, is the most holistic and comprehensive mind, a must-treat to get satisfactory results.
(The group reset. I felt dizzy after it. I asked Dr. West why, and he said that it's my pineal body swelling and detoxing; that's why I asked about Herxheimer reaction in the Q&A session.)
Hierarchy of Evolution: different levels of treatment and their effects
According to Dr. Kenneth West, different level of treatment in the evolutionary hierarchy also result in different success rate of treatment, and the percentage shown here in the diagram indicates the success rate of this level of treatment. For example, the "structural level" treatment usually has a success rate of only about 30%.
(simplified diagram based on my notes,from Dr. West's slides)
At the "biochemical level", the success rate is about 51%. That includes medications, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and even functional medicine treatment. Dr. Kenneth West also mentioned that medication may be a part of hidden agenda.
Then there are ensuing levels of electromagnetic waves, magnetic fields, and gravitational fields.
Interestingly, Dr. Kenneth West said that the gravity field is analogous to sound therapy, because sound, like Siren, attracts people, just as gravity does; so the problems at this level can be solved with sound.
The most powerful weapon at this level is Solfeggio frequencies. I serendipitously felt it was wonderful synchronicity because I just started listening to Solfeggio a few months ago. And it occurred to me that "geopathic stress" may also be solved by these methods.

"Boson level" is even deeper!
Nowadays, the most popular therapy in the physiotherapy community has been breathing, which is really deep!
Dr. Kenneth West believes that the most powerful treatment at this level is the mudra. Another synchronicity! Ever since reading the book "Mudras For Your Health: The Ancient Indian Art of Self Healing", I have bought some other books about mudra (Mudras of Yoga: 72 Hand Gestures for Healing and Spiritual Growth and Mudras for Beginners: Your Ultimate Beginners Guide to using Simple Hand Gestures for achieving Everlasting Health, Rapid Weight Loss and Easy Self Healing), I've been using it clinically quite a lot, and I also happened to talk to an expert in Taiwan about mudra and its benefit.
Ultimately, I am quite unfamiliar with the dynamic geometry used in the "Zero Point level".
However, after Dr. West showed it, I deeply felt its powerfulness!
And Dr. Kenneth West said that this is the only treatment that can lock the effect 100% with no relapse.
Nevertheless, the reason why some people canbe cured has something to do with energy fields, including entities, clan, sympathy, hidden agenda, secrets, and so on.
It reminds me of Family Constellation, which is utilized to treat family dynamics problems such as clan. Homeopathy also refers to miasma. Emotional codes also refer to inherited emotions and pre-fertilizational emotions.
There are all kinds of visible and invisible influences in the universe, and from the past to the future of time! Don't forget that we are also a small cosmos!
I've always been interested in muscle testing.
Since learning NKT (neurokinetic therapy), I have learned Applied Kinesiology, Dr. Klinghardt’s Autonomic Response Testing, PSYCH-K, emotional code, etc.
Taiwan doeslack the muscle-testers, such as the instructors of Touch for Health, BrainGym, NAET, CranioSomatic Therapy...
I personally think that Dr. Kenneth West's biggest difference is that he's spent a lot of time researching and sorting out his own comprehensive system, which can be used to find out and target the root cause of the patient's long-term illness once and for all!
It's so powerful that I hope I can learn more from Dr. Kenneth West someday!
Spiral dynamics: The levels of consciousness development
Babies have unlimited potential to develop all the way: Survival -> Safety -> Power -> Order -> Competition / Achievement -> Identity -> Integration -> Global vision. (Reference 1, Reference 2)
But sometimes we may get stuck!
Dr. Kenneth West gave an example during class:
Some doctors have always loved to show off their own curative effect or to become famous.
Usually, such a person is stuck in the level of Competition.
And unfortunately, the latter levels may or maydevelop.
There are so many people from all walks of life! Dr. West gave a wonderful speech!
After the Rest in the evening, everyone's in the 12th level, which I don't know what it is!
We have Dr. Amilie Tseng and two TCM doctors, Dr. Ming Huang and Dr. Yifen Li.